Design is important. In fact, more and more websites are starting to re-design the way their site is delivered. The most common one? Twitter. Twitter has taken on a whole new design, featuring the content you want to see first, and everything else on the side.

Yet, design can also ruin your product. Bad design, means people won't like it, and nice design could let people want your product. Yet, where does the balcne start? Where does it end? How do you show your product in the best design to people who want it? How do you design your product, to a point where it's amazing

This week, we had the liberty to interview, on the future of design, and where it stands.

What is Design

Design is everything!
If you could ask Steve Jobs why design was so important he would probably say it's fundamental to the success of Apple - because designing something isn't just to show-off something that looks pretty but instead, it shows you that people have thought about what they have created.

Likewise, when you design a product, a landing page or a book, you need to think of how your users are going to use it. The focus is on users. Sometimes you have to give them what they want, other times you have to show them what they want.

It's a very complicated concept and I think there are hundreds of books out there who are trying to explain what design is.

Why is design Important

There are two groups of thought: One group is the craigslist group, they totally don't care about design but instead they focus more on usability and features.

Then there is a group that is Apple or Stripe inspired. They want things to look and feel amazing, they put thousands of engineering hours into making sure everything is taken into consideration.

They probably have some secret framework to do that, but the ultimate goal is to show off a design that will WOW people and that will WOW them again when they've got it in their hands. Whether it's a phone, a laptop, a landing page or a SaaS platform design is important.
The question is: Are you more of an Apple or a Craigslist person?

Why Landing Pages are Imporant

Landing pages are extremely important because they're the 2nd thing you will build after you have an idea.
The first thing is to build a list of people who want to buy your idea.
A landing page has a purpose: converting audience to customers.
A landing page is different from a home page because it's more targeted at your audience, you can have many landing pages but you will always have only one homepage.

To let your audience buy your idea, you need - in today's time and age - a landing page. In a landing page you can talk to your users and address their concern and explain why your idea is a world-class BEST solution for their issues. If you can convince people that you've got it all covered.

At least the fundamentals, you can charge a price and they WILL buy it. The problem is that most people don't know how to explain what they're building, or they have not found an audience of people to talk to. With a landing page you can build the first step of trust between you and your audience.

The most important thing about landing pages is that they need to be designed in a way that makes your audience want to convert. Whatever your conversion goal is, that is up to you!

How Design Helps your product

Designing a great product landing page is necessary because it is extremely important to be able to communicate with your audience.
The biggest problem makers find is that building an audience is extremely difficult, there are hundreds of channels from which you can start peeling off users to build an audience.
However if you have a  bad  landing page, designed  bad  and with bad text on it, no matter how much effort you put in marketing your idea or solution (or both), you will fail at converting users into customers. That's the most important aspect of good design into landing page creation. Good design enables smoothly the conversion of visitors (your audience) into customers.

For the Future

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Design is by far one of the most important aspects of a product it can be.   Landing pages can outline your product, and showcase people what they're going to get.

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